The EpiPen Alternative

The EpiPen Alternative

Since its inception, the EpiPen has become one of the most popular medications used to treat severe allergic reactions. It’s a fast-acting, easy-to-use product that has become a mainstay for so many who suffer from severe allergic reactions. Today, there is an EpiPen alternative that has just hit the market. This means that you can get the same medication cheaper either with a generic or using an EpiPen Coupon.

Adrenaclick is the new generic alternative that is available for the remarkably low price of two for $10 at participating CVS stores. This means that you do not need insurance to receive the same medication as the EpiPen delivers in a far cheaper generic package. Whether you choose Adrenaclick or the EpiPen, it is important to know the best option for you or your child if they suffer from severe allergic reactions.

History of the EpiPen

The EpiPen is a delivery system for epinephrine, a drug that tamps down severe allergic reactions to a wide variety of substances. From insect bites or stings to consuming certain foods, there are those who suffer from a serious allergic reaction that may have severe repercussions if not checked immediately. The EpiPen provides a quick delivery of epinephrine into the thigh which counteracts the reaction long enough to reach medical attention.

Mylan Pharmaceuticals has been the manufacturer of the EpiPen since it was introduced to the market. Over the past several years, the price of a two-pack soared to $600 and even more which required most people to use insurance to get the product. The result was many parents complaining loudly about the sticker-shock associated with the EpiPen that their children needed just before school started.

Because of the public furor, Mylan Pharmaceuticals responded by providing an EpiPen coupon that reduced the price to $300 per two-pack which was still far more expensive compared to what the product cost when it was first released. Although $300 was half the price, it was still quite high, and many parents were still not happy.

For a live-saving product, the EpiPen was in high-demand and parents were naturally furious with the rise in the cost. While the reduction with the EpiPen coupon was significant, it was not until the release of Adrenaclick that parents and everyone else who needed the product were happy.


What is Adrenaclick?

Until last fall, the EpiPen was the only product that used epinephrine with the unique injection system. Now Adrenaclick is available, a generic product that uses the same drug and injection system which costs a mere $10 for a two-pack with the coupon. Adrenaclick looks much like the traditional EpiPen and functions in a similar manner.

However, there are some subtle differences if you have used the EpiPen and are now making the switch. It is recommended that you get a training session from the pharmacist on how to use Adrenaclick. This helps to avoid any confusion about how this product works compared to the EpiPen.

How the Discount Works


How it works is that the two-pack at CVS normally costs $110. But the $100 EpiPen coupon means that you only pay $10 per two-pack. Up to three two-packs can be purchased with a prescription using the coupon itself. The advantages continue with the fact that there is no insurance needed to get the coupon. All you need to do is tell the pharmacist not to run the purchase through any insurance and you get the discount. That is not true if you use Medicaid, Medicare, or any state or federal insurance.

While the coupon is most associated with CVS, if that pharmacy is nowhere near you and you have commercial insurance, it is possible to have your co-pays lowered at the other pharmacies so that the total out of pocket cost is reduced to zero.

However, for those with no insurance and no CVS store nearby, the coupon can be used to purchase a two-pack of Adrenaclick for $100. This is because the price outside of CVS for Adrenaclick is $200, so the coupon will cut that price in half. It’s not nearly as good compared to CVS, but $100 at Rite-Aid or Walgreens is considerably lower than $200.

Insurance Co-Pay

You will need to consult with your insurance company over the purchase of the generic version of the EpiPen. This is because some insurance companies do not pay for generic products, so you may have to stick with the EpiPen instead if you plan on paying for it with your insurance.

Keep in mind that both the brand and generic version of the EpiPen that is made by Mylan is the same. For those who have commercial insurance, there is a $25 EpiPen coupon that could lower the co-pay itself to no money. This will depend on your insurance company and whether they offer such a feature to their services. You will need to check with your insurance first to see if this is an option.

You may wonder why pay for the original EpiPen that still comes in around $600 to $700 per two-pack instead of the generic choice. The answer is that with insurance it may still be the best option available given the price discount. Commercial insurance that only covers the EpiPen means that your EpiPen coupon may be the right option.

Also consider that Mylan offers a patient assistance program for those who are underinsured or have no insurance to get the EpiPen for free. To qualify, the household income must be under $97,44 for a family of four. There are other patient programs for those who qualify which means that the EpiPen may be free. Be sure to check out the different programs available from Mylan and other pharmacies that might save you a considerable amount of money.

For those who need the EpiPen, using an EpiPen coupon is one way to save money. Another is choosing a generic alternative that has the same ingredients inside. Whichever you choose, it all should start with a visit to the doctor for consultation.