Lowering Asthma Treatment Costs

Lowering Asthma Treatment Costs

Asthma Treatment

A huge number of people in the world ate suffering from asthma these days, and they are looking for some reliable treatment options around. The great news is that, with advanced technologies and better medications, it is now possible to control this medical health condition with ease and switch to a normal lifestyle.

However, the sad truth is that not every patient is able to avail benefits from advanced treatment options and the prime reason behind is that higher cost. The no insurance and low-income group of the country find it difficult to access the right treatment at the right time.

As per a recent statement was given by Norman Adelman, MD at the American Lung Association, the treatment cost is the main reason for patients not availing proper treatment on time.

The stats collected from a research study conducted at the USA in the year 2005 reveal that almost 43% of the asthma patients said that they were not able to arrange money to pay for asthma treatment. Another expert from the medical health department says that it is difficult to identify and eliminate the actual causes of asthma, but it is important to offer reliable treatment options to savvy patients around the world.

Cost involved in asthma treatment:

Patients believe that asthma is an expensive disease. Even patients that are suffering a moderate range of asthma need three different types of drugs to control the consequences. As per a study conducted in the year 2003, it was observed that the yearly cost for asthma treatment per person goes up to $4,900. Note that, it includes both direct as well as indirect cost; where direct cost includes the visits to the specialist and medicines, and indirect one includes the time wasted during work offs.

Stats also reveal that almost one out of six people are not having any kind of insurance; hence, they are not able to pay for the treatment. There are more than 2 million American that is suffering due to the same problem.

Methods to lower asthma treatment cost:

Being a part of the 21st century, it is possible to take benefits from the latest technologies to avail benefits for lowering down the cost of asthma treatment. Below we have highlighted a few tricks to avail considerable prescription discounts:

  • The very first option for patients is to have health insurance from a reliable company so that the cost of treatment and medication can be covered in it. But while buying your insurance policy, it is always important to check terms and conditions as asthma is covered in very few plans.
  • Government has launched many asthma drug assistance programs that allow patients to qualify for Medicaid. As per this program, it is important to provide medications to the needy people at low cost and even free to some eligible candidates.
  • Take help from your doctor by discussing your current financial situation. It is not embarrassing; your doctor can surely come out with some reliable solution. They may also help you to get a prescription discount card for higher discounts.

These simple techniques can help you to save more on asthma treatments.