How CBD is Helping those with Allergies

How CBD is Helping those with Allergies

CBD for Allergies

CBD for AllergiesWhile most people associate cannabidiol or CBD with creating a relaxed feeling, lessening inflammation, and reducing pain, using CBD for allergies is relatively new. To discover CBD for allergies was mostly likely accidental at first, the properties of cannabidiol have proven to have a positive effect for those who suffer from mild cases of allergies, especially during the spring months. An allergy is a response by the body to a foreign substance that is not a virus, germ, or bacteria. Instead, pollen, spores, and the like are mistaken by the body’s immune system as being a threat. That’s when the histamines in the body react, creating sneezing, itching, runny nose, and other conditions. Reducing the histamine response in the body has been the traditional means of combating allergic reactions.

Issues with Antihistamines
For the most part, antihistamines are used to treat the most common allergies. And while they have a positive effect of lowering the body’s reaction, they come with some issues as well. This usually means feelings of drowsiness, blurred vision, nausea, and even confusion. For those who must work, taking antihistamines may not be a practical option, especially if it involves driving or operating machinery that requires sharp reflexes. For some people, the side effects of antihistamines are worse than the allergies themselves. This is where CBD for allergies comes in.

How CBD Works
Instead of trying to reduce the levels of histamines directly, CBD works more towards lowering the immune response. This has helped many to suffer from fewer symptoms of allergies while reducing the overall response. The behavior of white blood cells, which contributes to the allergic symptoms, are regulated by the introduction of CBD. The result is that you experience less congestion and lower inflammation. The effects on inflammation have been a well-known effect of CBD. That’s why it is often used to lessen the pain. But the effect on inflammation also helps those who suffer from seasonal allergies as well. This means less pain, discomfort, and air passages that remain open.

discover cbdThere is also evidence that CBD helps to regulate the immune system. The result is that while the immune system still responds to viruses, germs, and bacteria, it does not overreact when facing allergens. This translates to a lower production of histamines and lessening the production of T-cells which also reduce the symptoms associated with allergies. Admittedly, the research is still in the beginning stages. This is because CBD has only been on the market for a few years. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that many who discover CBD in fighting their allergic reactions have enjoyed some success. This includes those who suffer from respiratory conditions that often close the air passages.

In addition, there is a relaxing effect brought about by the CBD which makes undergoing seasonal allergies less stressful overall. Discover CBD for allergies may help reduce the symptoms and help you feel better. While the use of CBD for allergies is still growing, the evidence is clear that it does have some positive effects without the drawbacks of using traditional medicines.