Great ways to keep your allergy medication close by

Great ways to keep your allergy medication close by

allergy medication

Medications need to be kept right within reach and sometimes always in the line of sight for quick access in an emergency. Here are some great ways to keep your pills with you all the time in great style and convenience. 

Mini Macaron-Shaped Storage Box:
These mini storage boxes shaped in differently colored macarons are available online in packs of 6 and are perfect carriers for all your medications and pills. They’re made of plastic and are ideal for storing earrings, rings, beads and other small gadgets. 

Squeeze Open Pouches:
Soft pill pouches are perfectly designed to last for a longer time. They are compact, slim and are very lightweight to carry around in your purse, pocket or even inside a wallet. You can store your medications inside safely as the pouches are locked tightly. It only takes a simple squeeze to open them because of the gripper edges. They are available in online stores in packs of three. allergy medication

Poison Rings
Poison rings might have been a lethal weapon for undercover espionage back in the days to carry out murderous coups but the idea remains intact to this day: being able to carry something valuable close to you at all times. And what’s more valuable than a medicine you might have to take anywhere you need to? Yes, you can buy a poison ring online with a relatively larger compartment to keep your pills and allergy medications that you might need anywhere at any given time. They will be there on your finger at a hand’s length all the time.  

Pill Containers in Citrus Fruit Shape
These Containers are easy to clean and easy to carry but the best thing about them is that they come in shapes of different citrus fruits like lemon, orange and pomelo. Citrus fruits symbolize freshness and health and are a great sight specially when you’re sick and have to take medications. This pill dispenser is small enough to fit inside your pockets, glove box, or in your purse. It is great if you’re a frequent traveler as it can keep all your medicines in one place all the time. 

Carry Pills in a Beast’s Tooth
There are pill cases available online that are crafted in the shape of a tooth knocked off from a deadly beast. It will look extremely cool in your hands and you’ll feel great taking them out every time you need to take your medicines. 

Apocalypse Style Pill Box
There are many apocalypse-themed accessories available online, if you’re into the Post Apocalypse Zombie styled things. The case can hold a great deal of different sized pills. Larger kinds of pills may not fit well inside it but it’s still worth keeping an item like this in your pocket and fantasizing about a world like that every time you open it up for taking your meds. 

Sea Shell Pill Boxes
These are vintage themed clams and shells that are extremely realistic. They are great for carrying your medications around specially if you’re a tropical or beach person. This mini purse Clam Shell Purse is made with the ivory polished clams and shells and has some hints of pink in its coloring.