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Can I Be Fired Due to My Asthma?

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According to the stats provided by the American Lung Association, one out of the 12 adults is suffering from Asthma. Reports say that more than 22% of sufferers believe that the symptoms of asthma get worst when they undergo repeated exposure to serious triggers at work. If you are also one among those 22% percent...

A Guide to Allergy Nasal Sprays

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Nasal sprays are used to treat cold symptoms or allergies e.g. nasal congestion, sneezing, itching, etc. They are available by over the counter and prescription, depending on the medication. Most nasal sprays work via a hand-operated pump bottle to introduce a fine mist of medication into your nostrils. Nasal Sprays: Types and Usage There are many...

Pfizer May Send EpiPen Manufacturing To Generics Spinoff

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Summary: * Pfizer & Mylan are planning to merge the Meridian Medial Technologies Unit of Pfizer into new generics business. Note that, this unit currently produces Mylan’s EpiPens. * Both companies are actively involved in discussions for arranging a considerable supplement for the broader deal. The Upjohn division of Pfizer will be merged to Mylan; however,...