Can I Be Fired Due to My Asthma?

Can I Be Fired Due to My Asthma?

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According to the stats provided by the American Lung Association, one out of the 12 adults is suffering from Asthma. Reports say that more than 22% of sufferers believe that the symptoms of asthma get worst when they undergo repeated exposure to serious triggers at work.

If you are also one among those 22% percent of people or wish to avoid that serious state of disease, it is important to ask your employer to provide some reasonable accommodation for the asthma sufferers. It is essential as per the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Note that ADA is basically a federal law that was passed in the year 1990 by Congress. The main goal of this act is to protect people from facing discrimination in public places due to some kind of disability. This act is applied to schools, workplaces, and public as well as private places where the general public keeps on gathering. Many other states have created similar kinds of laws with a similar goal. The wrongful terminal lawyer can help you know more about it.

As per the rules and regulations described by authorities, no one can fire you from work due to Asthma. Rather, they need to provide you some support and a favorable work environment. ADA became effective in the year 2009, and right after this, it saved several people from suffering serious mental, emotional and social problems due to any kind of disability.

How to deal with asthma at the workplace?
Well, the answer to this question is totally dependent on the level of asthma you are facing and its impacts on your routine life. The professionals at ADA reveal that a physical impairment such as asthma may limit the performance of a respiratory function of an individual, and hence, it falls in the category of disability. The sufferer needs to consult a medical health care service provider to determine if he can avail of the benefits under ADA. The story must be further discussed with the employer to ensure proper safety during asthma treatments. asthma treatment

Wrongful terminal lawyer says that the employer needs to provide you with some reasonable accommodation arrangements. They should not restrict you from enjoying equal work opportunities as that of other people in the workspace. The accommodation arrangements may further vary as per the essential needs of the employee and their asthma treatment. It is important to mention that all asthma affected people cannot have the same level of disability; hence, they may have different requirements for accommodation as well.

In order to avail of these benefits, the asthma sufferer employee first needs to disclose the condition to their employer. The human resource department takes care of such affairs in most of the companies. Many people make a mistake of not disclosing the condition to the higher management, and hence due to poor work arrangements, their disease symptoms get worse with time. The employer cannot support you until he becomes aware that you need special accommodation for safety reasons. In case if you face any unlawful discrimination for your asthma at the workplace, it is important to contact a wrongful terminal lawyer. They may help you ensure proper accommodation during asthma treatment.