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Asthma Allergy Testing Service

Asthma is general is a breathing disorder. But there are a lot of allergic disorders that accompany it. There are also possibilities that things like the dust may trigger allergies and asthma.


  • An allergy is a body condition because of which the immune system of the body is not able to accept any forging body and reacts differently to it.

  • Allergic reactions are a result of the abnormal behavior of the body immune system. It is triggered by the allergens that are not accepted by the immune cells in the human body.

  • The best method for testing for allergies are RAST testing, blood test, and ImmunoCAP testing. With these tests, allergies can be easily diagnosed.

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Latest Updates

How People With Asthma Can Benefit From Edibles

cannabis edibles

cannabis ediblesResearchers from all over the world are showing keen interest to find out whether cannabis has any positive impact on asthma and if it does, then how? It is a known fact that asthma an issue that is essentially related to our respiratory system and therefore a person who has a problem in smoking fresh oxygen will develop risks when given to inhale any form of smoke. Therefore, cannabis can be provided to an asthma patient only if it is in the form cannabinoids; that is, the solid and liquid form of cannabis that can be consumed through the mouth. If your body is prone to reaction from cannabis, you can avail allergy treatment.

Cannabis is a part of the marijuana plant and has proven beneficial to a lot of health problems and allergy treatments. It is known to relieve a man from impending stress, heart diseases, arthritis and chronic pains in different parts of the body. Cannabis edibles has been found to possess calming effects on areas of pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties and since asthma is the result of abnormal inflammation of the lungs, cannabis edibles can prove helpful in bringing them back to their original size, especially when a patient encounters an attack. It has been discovered that the human lung has a very low concentration of cannabinoid receptors and doesn’t require serious allergy treatment, have a huge part to play in safely controlling the lung inflammation and the accompanying muscular contractions and dilations.

cannabis ediblesIn a few studies held, it has been found that when cannabis edibles are introduced in the patient’s system, it takes a maximum of twenty to thirty minutes to calm the bronchial spasms. Also, one research has shown that people who have developed asthma after having smoked weed or marijuana were safe from the risk of developing permanent lung dysfunction as compared to regular tobacco smokers.

Apart from their anti-inflammation property, cannabis work as great antibiotics that can help to treat symptoms of asthma. Cannabis edibles have shown potential effects in combatting the bacteria that are the underlying reason for asthma which includes S.aureae, Streptococcus and S. pneumoniae. So consuming edibles in place of the antibiotics might prove helpful. Cannabis can also display properties of a bronchodilator when the need arises. During the period of an asthma attack, the networks of bronchioles that carry oxygen to the lungs are constricted reducing the amount of oxygen flow. Cannabis in the form of edibles can aid in improving the airflow by dilating the bronchioles a bit both during an attack and under regular circumstances.

cannabis ediblesFurthermore, there’s another way than the cannabis can be capitalized on by the asthma patients and that is through its antispasmodic property that works through its tendency to reduce any irregular inflammation. Reducing the vascular muscles’ involuntary contraction by the cannabis edibles can be directly linked to its efficiency of controlling the bronchoconstriction thereby making more oxygen available to the lungs and restricting its inflammation. The THC compound that is released by the liver while breaking the cannabis compounds plays a major role in controlling these spasms.

Pfizer May Send EpiPen Manufacturing To Generics Spinoff

Epipen coupon


* Pfizer & Mylan are planning to merge the Meridian Medial Technologies Unit of Pfizer into new generics business. Note that, this unit currently produces Mylan’s EpiPens.

* Both companies are actively involved in discussions for arranging a considerable supplement for the broader deal. The Upjohn division of Pfizer will be merged to Mylan; however, the terms and conditions for this step are not yet finalized.

* The final decision regarding the same might be taken before the closure of Upjohn-Mylan merger in the year 2020. After that, you can expect more EpiPen coupons.

In-depth details:

Reports reveal that Pfizer is currently struggling hard to produce a regulated supply of EpiPen auto-injectors. It is expected that moving Meridian to a whole new business may take away the headache from Pfizer. A few months back, the company also had a deal with the Food and Drug Administration about using EpiPens even after four months of their expiration dates.

People who are suffering from severe allergic reactions consider EpiPens as lifesaver solutions. Schools and parents prefer to stock them on a routine basis so that they can have a reliable option for treatment when kids experience allergies. The shortage in supply of EpiPens has become a serious issue for all age groups in the United States.

In order to deal with the shortage, many newcomers in the industry are also trying to present their solutions over EpiPens and Symjepi from Sandoz is one of the most popular examples for this. Many other companies are also trying to find solutions to deal with EpiPen Shortage, and they are also interested in providing Epipen coupon.

After the merger, the new Mylad/Pfizer company would have a well-regulated stream of EpiPens and the issues related to the shortage, and limited production can be addressed with ease. At the same time, this new branch will be able to ensure proper supply of many other off-patent drugs from Pfizer such as Viagra (Sildenafil), Lyrica (Pregabalin) and Lipitor (Atorvastatin). In short, patients will be able to have easy access to all essential medications to deal with medical emergencies. It will also handle the EpiPen Shortage very well.

The plan for this new merger was recently announced by Mylan and Pfizer; however, the majority of shares for this new generic company will be held by Pfizer. They may also offer new Epipen coupon in the near future.

Analysts in the industry said that this merger could offer a lifeline to Mylan, but they have some serious questions regarding long term growth aspects. Stats reveal that Mylan is undergoing huge competition in the market, and the sales are also sliding from the past few months. However, Upjohn’s have obtained huge benefits due to several off-patent products. In this scenario, the long-term plans of the new generic company and Mylan are a matter of prime attention.

Epipen couponPfizer and Mylan also revealed that they are expecting the estimated cost saving of $1 billion by the year 2024 with this new merger of Upjohn and Mylan. The chances are that the deals between both companies will close in the middle of the coming year. They are currently waiting for the votes from Mylan Shareholders and regulatory teams. Once all terms and conditions are finalized, we can expect some positive steps in the direction of EpiPen Shortage.

Could you be allergic to cannabis edibles?

allergic to cannabis edibles
allergic to cannabis

If somebody asks us whether he/she could be allergic to cannabis edibles, the answer would be yes. We as distinct human being beings have different physical structures and systems all of which are not peaceful recipients of every compound that is provided to it. To some, marijuana and cannabis edibles work like a miracle but in the case of others, they develop responses that require special allergic treatments. Furthermore, not everyone goes through the same kind of riposte, and the symptoms of the allergies too vary from person to person. In this article we will take a quick overview of the potential allergic symptoms that can be caused by cannabis edibles and how could you possibly take care of them.

The first and foremost step to identify whether you are prone to cannabis allergy or not is through their glaring symptoms. Mostly, the signs of it show up on the skin in form of redness, inflammation, itching, rashes, and dry and rough texture; but there are cases when attacks your internal organs and causes nasal congestion, high fever and recurring sneezes, sore throat, runny nose, watery eye or create respiratory issues. Because cannabis is essentially a part of the plants, these are allergies can be classified under airborne allergen because they occur after the pollen from the marijuana plants have been introduced to your system through the cannabis.

Even though cannabis edibles have been legalized in most countries and are now being used to treat a lot of medical conditions, but still it is recommended that you conduct a small test first to see if they are suiting you effectively. The allergic reaction to cannabis edibles however, differ from the symptoms of regular cannabis and include swelling or inflammation, shortage of breath and rashes. Apart from these minor difficulties, there have been rare cases of diseases that have been reported because of cannabis edibles and the only one is anaphylaxis, which is caused by reactions with the hemp seeds present in the edibles.

If you have formed an allergy through the cannabis edibles, there is only one diagnostic test for allergic treatment that can be performed, and too at the specialized laboratories and it requires the inspection of your blood serums. If you do not have this course available, it is up to the doctor to analyze your symptoms and amount of edibles that you took before the test and accordingly prepare a report and prescribe the medicines.

allergic to cannabis

Don’t get panicked after knowing that there are not very many tests to prove whether it is the cannabis that has caused you the reactions; they will not last forever and can have allergic treatments in one way or the other. The best allergic treatment for you from hereafter would be avoiding consuming or smoking any form of cannabis altogether. Treat the already existing symptoms with some antibiotics from the doctor and end its chapter there.

EpiPens have become an essential part of life for millions of Americans

Rx discounts allow allergy and asthma suffers to purchase lifesaving EpiPens

July 28, 2019 – EpiPens have become an essential part of life for millions of Americans. A simple EpiPen injection can be the difference between life and death. An average of 200,000 Americans are admitted to the emergency room each year due to allergy or asthma attacks reaffirming just how important the life-saving device is. 

While the need for EpiPens can save lives, they are not cheap to buy. A single EpiPen brand epinephrine injection can cost as much as $600. Generic EpiPens are slightly cheaper but will still set allergy and asthma sufferers back up to $400 for a single shot. Research found that EpiPens increased in price by 500% prior to 2016. 

Since then, the price has mostly plateaued after American outrage prevented further large increases in prices. Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies have claimed the price for an EpiPen is so expensive as it is a lifeline that can prevent someone in anaphylactic shock from dying. 

The importance of epinephrine as a life-saving injection should actually make it decrease in price rather than increase it. The good news for severe allergy and asthma sufferers is Rx discounts allow them to purchase life-saving EpiPens for far cheaper than retail price.

According to Allergy and Asthma Treatment, a website dedicating to helping individuals that depend on EpiPens, one alternative to the brand-name medication is Adrenaclick. The product can cost as little as $10 a shot allowing those who need it to purchase Adrenaclick without using their insurance. 

An EpiPen coupon can save individuals hundreds of dollars over time on the brand-name EpiPen drug. Whether allergy and asthma sufferers purchase EpiPen brand injections or generic versions of the product, an EpiPen coupon can greatly reduce the cost. 

Many parents have turned to Rx discounts due to the need of multiple EpiPens for their children. Parents need to have one EpiPen at home while keep another at their child’s school. In addition, more injection pens may be needed if children participate in extracurricular activities. Parents never know when an allergic reaction or asthma attack will strike their child.

EpiPens can save the lives of people who suffer from allergy and asthma. The price is a barrier for some individuals. With discounts for prescription medication, parents and others in need of EpiPens can gain the injections they desperately need.

Can cannabis edibles help treat asthma?


Asthma is one of the most dangerous respiratory problems that a person can have. When facing difficulties to merely breathe the fresh air, he cannot be expected to smoke cigarettes or weed. But an interesting that has been discovered is that cannabis edibles can be helpful for asthma patients and can be an easy replacement for antibiotics and other medicines.

Though it has already been proven by researchers that the smoke from weed or marijuana is far more toxic than tobacco because of their higher hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen chemicals, yet, they are sometimes miraculously beneficial in case of asthma. Consumption of cannabis edibles leads to the release of a chemical known as THC because it is broken down by the liver in a way that is different from any other compound and functions as a antispasmodic. Therefore, rather than smoking them directly, you can consume it through foods that are known as cannabis edibles; they can be infused cakes, bread, canned beverages, and soft drinks. The biggest advantage of cannabis edibles lies in the fact that they can be introduced inside the system of suffering patients to test its effects on the illness while they are suffering from it.

asthma attack
cannabis edibles

To answer the question, if cannabis edibles help asthma treatment or not, it would be a big yes provided the fact that you are not prone to any allergies from it, in that case, the repercussions can be grave and require immediate assistance. You can test the effects of cannabis beforehand so that even you can check its results beforehand. Now coming back to its usefulness, cannabis edibles are helpful for asthma treatment for its anti-inflammatory properties. If you try to define asthma in the simplest terms, it would be by saying that the respiratory trouble caused in a human body due to the over-inflammation of the lungs and restricted oxygen passage. Medical records have shown that patients who have just gone through a serious asthma attack are recovering in no time after being provided by the cannabis edibles. The overall respiratory excitement due to the lack of enough oxygen is calmed and restored back its health only after a few minutes. It is the efficiency of cannabis in aiding patients during asthma treatments and other pains that have led to its legalization in some countries and the cannabis-infused food and drinks being openly sold in the market and used by the doctors.

Now that we have known for a fact that cannabis edibles will provide you with genuine assistance when you are facing an asthma attack or have a tendency of it, it is also important to keep in mind that cannabis edibles are not for everyone to use. Once it fails to provide any help, it can bear results in form of allergies and would require proper, clinical allergic treatments. You can have them thoroughly conducted by a doctor, so we advise you to not intake cannabis without knowing if your body will peacefully accept it.

Understanding Asthma Pathophysiology

Asthma Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology refers to the study of biological processes that are associated with a particular injury or disease. Pathophysiology of asthma therefore examines everything from how it is caused, the body parts it affects, as well as the functions of those particular parts of the body. Asthmatic attack constricts the airways which means the air is unable to pass through. The symptoms of asthma include shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing.

What is the Pathophysiology of Asthma?

There are several factors that may cause asthma. The factors that play the key roles in the development of this disease are inflammation of the airways, bronchial spasm, excess secretion of mucus, hypersensitivity, and allergy.

Hypersensitivity of the airways means that some allergens cause the bronchial tubes to react severely. This exaggerated reaction can lead to coughing and suffocation. Allergy is the hypersensitivity of the body to some external material. Many asthma patients have some certain types of allergies that trigger the inflammation process.

Another thing that can cause the bronchial system to secrete excess mucus is the hyper-responsiveness to irritants. The excessive mucus can flood the airways and if it’s too much, it can block the airways making it harder to breathe.

The spasms or the bronchospasm of the muscle layers in the bronchial walls can make the asthma condition worse. Muscle and epithelial damage, edema, and bronchospasms can lead to bronchoconstriction. This results in airways becoming narrow. Airway narrowing is further increased by edema from microvascular leakage. Airway capillaries may contribute to increased secretions by dilating and leaking, which in turn could cause edema and blockage of mucus clearance.

What are the Precipitating and Triggering Events?

Asthma pathophysiology involves an error in the response of the body to external matters as well as the presence of known triggers. Often, asthmatic attacks are triggered by long-term exposure to various allergens. They can also be triggered by a respiratory infection or an attack of flue. Other triggering factors include air pollution, temperature changes, obesity, and smoking.

In many cases, both genetic and environmental factors are involved in asthma pathophysiology. Most asthma patients who develop this disease early on are those who have familial histories of asthma, eczema, or allergies.


In order to properly deal with asthma, you must learn how it occurs and what necessary precautions you must take. If you experience chronic or frequent breathing problems, then it is highly recommended that you visit your doctor to learn more about the pathophysiology of asthma and the different treatments for it. Your doctor will be able to better explain in detail the reason why this disease occurs. He/she can also help you identify what particular stimuli is triggering your attacks.

The most effective way of overcoming asthma is learning how to avoid its particular triggers. Your doctor can prescribe inhaled medications to help out in fighting the elements of this disease. The medications work to relax the muscle tissues in the airways and expand them so you can breathe better.

Lowering Asthma Treatment Costs

Asthma Treatment

A huge number of people in the world ate suffering from asthma these days, and they are looking for some reliable treatment options around. The great news is that, with advanced technologies and better medications, it is now possible to control this medical health condition with ease and switch to a normal lifestyle.

However, the sad truth is that not every patient is able to avail benefits from advanced treatment options and the prime reason behind is that higher cost. The no insurance and low-income group of the country find it difficult to access the right treatment at the right time.

As per a recent statement was given by Norman Adelman, MD at the American Lung Association, the treatment cost is the main reason for patients not availing proper treatment on time.

The stats collected from a research study conducted at the USA in the year 2005 reveal that almost 43% of the asthma patients said that they were not able to arrange money to pay for asthma treatment. Another expert from the medical health department says that it is difficult to identify and eliminate the actual causes of asthma, but it is important to offer reliable treatment options to savvy patients around the world.

Cost involved in asthma treatment:

Patients believe that asthma is an expensive disease. Even patients that are suffering a moderate range of asthma need three different types of drugs to control the consequences. As per a study conducted in the year 2003, it was observed that the yearly cost for asthma treatment per person goes up to $4,900. Note that, it includes both direct as well as indirect cost; where direct cost includes the visits to the specialist and medicines, and indirect one includes the time wasted during work offs.

Stats also reveal that almost one out of six people are not having any kind of insurance; hence, they are not able to pay for the treatment. There are more than 2 million American that is suffering due to the same problem.

Methods to lower asthma treatment cost:

Being a part of the 21st century, it is possible to take benefits from the latest technologies to avail benefits for lowering down the cost of asthma treatment. Below we have highlighted a few tricks to avail considerable prescription discounts:

  • The very first option for patients is to have health insurance from a reliable company so that the cost of treatment and medication can be covered in it. But while buying your insurance policy, it is always important to check terms and conditions as asthma is covered in very few plans.
  • Government has launched many asthma drug assistance programs that allow patients to qualify for Medicaid. As per this program, it is important to provide medications to the needy people at low cost and even free to some eligible candidates.
  • Take help from your doctor by discussing your current financial situation. It is not embarrassing; your doctor can surely come out with some reliable solution. They may also help you to get a prescription discount card for higher discounts.

These simple techniques can help you to save more on asthma treatments.

The EpiPen Alternative

Since its inception, the EpiPen has become one of the most popular medications used to treat severe allergic reactions. It’s a fast-acting, easy-to-use product that has become a mainstay for so many who suffer from severe allergic reactions. Today, there is an EpiPen alternative that has just hit the market. This means that you can get the same medication cheaper either with a generic or using an EpiPen Coupon.

Adrenaclick is the new generic alternative that is available for the remarkably low price of two for $10 at participating CVS stores. This means that you do not need insurance to receive the same medication as the EpiPen delivers in a far cheaper generic package. Whether you choose Adrenaclick or the EpiPen, it is important to know the best option for you or your child if they suffer from severe allergic reactions.

History of the EpiPen

The EpiPen is a delivery system for epinephrine, a drug that tamps down severe allergic reactions to a wide variety of substances. From insect bites or stings to consuming certain foods, there are those who suffer from a serious allergic reaction that may have severe repercussions if not checked immediately. The EpiPen provides a quick delivery of epinephrine into the thigh which counteracts the reaction long enough to reach medical attention.

Mylan Pharmaceuticals has been the manufacturer of the EpiPen since it was introduced to the market. Over the past several years, the price of a two-pack soared to $600 and even more which required most people to use insurance to get the product. The result was many parents complaining loudly about the sticker-shock associated with the EpiPen that their children needed just before school started.

Because of the public furor, Mylan Pharmaceuticals responded by providing an EpiPen coupon that reduced the price to $300 per two-pack which was still far more expensive compared to what the product cost when it was first released. Although $300 was half the price, it was still quite high, and many parents were still not happy.

For a live-saving product, the EpiPen was in high-demand and parents were naturally furious with the rise in the cost. While the reduction with the EpiPen coupon was significant, it was not until the release of Adrenaclick that parents and everyone else who needed the product were happy.


What is Adrenaclick?

Until last fall, the EpiPen was the only product that used epinephrine with the unique injection system. Now Adrenaclick is available, a generic product that uses the same drug and injection system which costs a mere $10 for a two-pack with the coupon. Adrenaclick looks much like the traditional EpiPen and functions in a similar manner.

However, there are some subtle differences if you have used the EpiPen and are now making the switch. It is recommended that you get a training session from the pharmacist on how to use Adrenaclick. This helps to avoid any confusion about how this product works compared to the EpiPen.

How the Discount Works


How it works is that the two-pack at CVS normally costs $110. But the $100 EpiPen coupon means that you only pay $10 per two-pack. Up to three two-packs can be purchased with a prescription using the coupon itself. The advantages continue with the fact that there is no insurance needed to get the coupon. All you need to do is tell the pharmacist not to run the purchase through any insurance and you get the discount. That is not true if you use Medicaid, Medicare, or any state or federal insurance.

While the coupon is most associated with CVS, if that pharmacy is nowhere near you and you have commercial insurance, it is possible to have your co-pays lowered at the other pharmacies so that the total out of pocket cost is reduced to zero.

However, for those with no insurance and no CVS store nearby, the coupon can be used to purchase a two-pack of Adrenaclick for $100. This is because the price outside of CVS for Adrenaclick is $200, so the coupon will cut that price in half. It’s not nearly as good compared to CVS, but $100 at Rite-Aid or Walgreens is considerably lower than $200.

Insurance Co-Pay

You will need to consult with your insurance company over the purchase of the generic version of the EpiPen. This is because some insurance companies do not pay for generic products, so you may have to stick with the EpiPen instead if you plan on paying for it with your insurance.

Keep in mind that both the brand and generic version of the EpiPen that is made by Mylan is the same. For those who have commercial insurance, there is a $25 EpiPen coupon that could lower the co-pay itself to no money. This will depend on your insurance company and whether they offer such a feature to their services. You will need to check with your insurance first to see if this is an option.

You may wonder why pay for the original EpiPen that still comes in around $600 to $700 per two-pack instead of the generic choice. The answer is that with insurance it may still be the best option available given the price discount. Commercial insurance that only covers the EpiPen means that your EpiPen coupon may be the right option.

Also consider that Mylan offers a patient assistance program for those who are underinsured or have no insurance to get the EpiPen for free. To qualify, the household income must be under $97,44 for a family of four. There are other patient programs for those who qualify which means that the EpiPen may be free. Be sure to check out the different programs available from Mylan and other pharmacies that might save you a considerable amount of money.

For those who need the EpiPen, using an EpiPen coupon is one way to save money. Another is choosing a generic alternative that has the same ingredients inside. Whichever you choose, it all should start with a visit to the doctor for consultation.

Senior Discounts on Allergy Prescriptions

Senior Discounts

Allergy prescriptions can easily cost a lot for seniors and their families. It can be difficult to manage their expenses with a fixed income such as a pension. Medic Care and insurance policies can only get you so far. If you do not have an insurance policy then it could be even tougher for you to pay for allergy prescriptions for you and your family. If you are looking for senior discounts on allergy prescriptions then you need to use a prescription discount card.

What is a Prescription Discount Card?
There are different service providers in the United States which offer seniors with a prescription discount card. Just like its name, the prescription discount card offers you with many discounts, rewards and other benefits. This is why it is important to have a prescription discount card to save money and stay debt-free.

List of Senior Prescription Discount Card
This list of senior prescription discount cards consists of service providers that are dedicated to serving senior customers and offer them many advantages from discounts to rewards, to more. Take a look at the list to save big. Keep in mind that the discount policies do change from time to time. They might change at the local level or at the national level. Sometimes, the changes are not published and that is why, one would need to ask ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

The first discount card service provider on the list is AARP which offers its AARP Prescription Discount Card. It is incredibly useful for AARP members and will help them save up to 61% on FDA approved brand names and generic drugs on an average. If your present Medicare Part 2 or prescription insurance fails to cover the costs, it will take care of them.

Rite Aid
The Rite Aid RX Savings Program by Rite Aid is great as it allows you to save up to 20% on thousands of generic prescription drugs and brand names. Sign up for the program and receive the RX Savings Card to take advantage of the special discounts offered at Rite Aid Pharmacies countrywide.

Get the Narcup Prescription Discount Card today to start saving money for credit union members of the age of 50 and above. A great thing about the program is that it is open to the general public and is aimed for families, children and just about everyone who does not have prescription drug insurance and if their insurance does not cover their entire medications. Specific pet medications are also covered by the program. Save up to 50% on FDA approved drugs by using the prescription discount card.

Target is for every American. Having been rebranded as CVS Pharmacies, its main target is to have your prescription records on file. Easily access your records and refill prescriptions at the Target/CVS Pharmacy. Use the CVS Rewards Plan to save up on generic drugs and more. Target/ CVS, is committed to helping all of its customers especially those that are seniors. Therefore, make sure to check it out.

What is an EpiPen and how does it work?

The EpiPen has become one of the most well-known treatments for severe allergic reactions. It is a drug that counters the allergic effects of consuming the wrong food, suffering from insect bites or stings, and even bad reactions to medication. Understanding how the EpiPen works, why it is so valuable, and obtaining an EpiPen coupon just in case you need assistance is the right thing to do.

Over the past several years, the EpiPen has taken on an even greater popularity because of its ease of use and fast, effective medication called epinephrine that has saved lives. For those who have used it or seen it in action, the EpiPen is truly impressive.

What is an Allergic Reaction?

Understanding how the EpiPen works begins by focusing on the body’s reaction to substances that it cannot identify. While allergic reactions are commonplace from insect bites to eating the wrong food, most of them are mild in nature. The reaction is really the body trying to fight off what it believes is a foreign invader much like a virus or bacteria. Thus, the swelling is really from the body’s reaction, not the substance itself.

However, some people will have a severe reaction which means that the histamines which cause the swelling among other things gets out of control. A serious reaction may have dire consequences if it is not treated quickly. Such reactions not only cause swelling and hives to break out on the skin, but will also affect the breathing, blood pressure, and heartrate.

The swelling in the face, lips, and especially the throat becomes more than annoying, it can be life-threatening as the airway is cut off. The EpiPen is designed to counter such severe reactions to keep the body from damaging itself.

How the EpiPen Works

The EpiPen is a medication that is designed to counter the effects of the histamine buildup in the body which is caused by a foreign substance. It is injected directly into the body which means that it goes to work right away in reducing the swelling and effects of the allergic reaction. As soon as an allergic reaction is identified or even if it is predicted, the EpiPen should be used quickly.

The thigh is the best place to inject the medication or epinephrine as it will reach most the of the body quickly. It is not recommended that you inject the product into your fee, buttocks, hands, or other areas that are not the thigh. If the product is injected in another part of the body, tell the doctor as soon as you reach a medical facility.

Once injected, the medication works to tamp down the buildup of histamines. While the medication in the EpiPen is rather short-lived, its effects are immediate and sometimes will save a life. However, because of the short-lived nature of the epinephrine involved, it is recommended that you get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

This is because the allergic reaction itself may be tamped down, but not over with. Once the epinephrine wears off, the symptoms of the reaction may rise again without further treatment. It is recommended that you tell the doctor that epinephrine has been used when you enter the hospital.

What to Know

There are things you should know before using the EpiPen. This is especially true for those who have not used the product before or have young children who may need it.

Get the Right Product: While most severe allergic reactions have the same basic symptoms, there are different causes which need to be addressed. Letting your pharmacist know what you are allergic to will help in getting the right EpiPen for your needs. Plus, you should let them know your medical history and any conditions they should be aware. Suffering from high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, and other conditions should be told to your physician and pharmacist.

Follow the Directions: While most EpiPen products have you inject the medication in the thigh, there may be some which have directions that are different. Always follow the directions that are listed on the product itself. Taking a few seconds to ensure that you are using it right is far better than taking chances.

2 Injection Limit: Normally, the first injection can buy enough time to get you to a hospital. But if you are far away from medical help, then a second injection may be needed. However, you do not want to exceed two injections because that might cause an even more severe reaction.

Too much epinephrine in the system can cause an irregular heartbeat and make it difficult to breathe due to too much fluid in the lungs. So, limit the injections to just two until you can get the proper attention. Be sure to alert the physician before treatment that you have undergone two injections of the medication.

Side Effects: Apart from taking too much of the medication which may cause irregular heartbeat, there are other issues that may be caused as well;

  • Swelling around the injection site
  • Fainting
  • Confusion
  • Chest pain
  • Seizures

If you have any of these side effects, tell your physician right away. The more information you can provide about how the injection affects your body, the better.

Sulfides: There may be some who are hesitant to take epinephrine because it contains sulfides. There are those who are allergic to sulfides, which are found in eggs and other products. However, a small issue with sulfides should not stop you from using the EpiPen when needed. Be sure to talk to you doctor about sulfides.

For those who suffer from severe allergic reactions to certain foods, insect bites, and the like, having an EpiPen is crucial. You can save money by getting an EpiPen coupon which allows for a discount. This means that you can have an emergency EpiPen on your person and perhaps one at home or in the car. Keep in mind that an EpiPen contains perishable medicine, so if it is not clear you should get a new one quickly.


I am leading an allergy-free life because of them. They are very committed to their work, and they give exceptional results.

Lucinda L. Hunter

I was suffering from asthma for many years. I am taking their medication, and for more than a year now have not suffered any kind of asthma attacks.

Carol J. Hennings

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Kamilah J. Husk